Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrate children

Trever and I talked last year about celebrating Abby's birthday each year.  Doing something to honor her place in our life.  To celebrate the wonder of life.

I loved our kid's celebration that we had after her services. 

So I've been talking with friends about doing another party this summer.  A festive get together to celebrate the wonderful children that bless our lives. 

I'm thankful to hold on to the lessons of appreciation that we learned from loving Abby.  That each day is so blessed, that we have the opportunity to cherish each day, each life.  That it is essential to be present in the moment because it will pass so quickly.

I am so excited for the party this summer!!  And so excited that I have a friend who will actually plan the details to make it extra special.  I have great visions for planning parties... but not so much in the follow through area.

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