Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6th, 2013

We're getting close to the date when we started to get to know Abby.  I remember that we had birthday cake in the morning for Nathan before we headed off to the ultrasound.  Since Trever wasn't able to be here on his birthday we started bright and early the next morning.

I can't help thinking about the complexity of that day when I see those pictures.

Today I had two little Abigail moments. Both totally out of the blue.

First, as I was preparing dinner Nathan walked up and showed me a note he had just written.  He had found the paper that my friend Katie made for us to write notes to Abigail and attach to a balloon at her celebration.  My heart feels a strange mix of calm/appreciation/sadness/overwhelming love when one of the kids shows love to their little sister.  I'm so thankful she is in their heart.

"Thank you Abby for coming to live with us for a day.  Have fun up there! We love you!"

And then just a minute ago I was copying my name from Pintrest, which reads "JenKissel".  As I pasted it, what I saw was "Abigail Ann Kissel, born July 25, 2012".

I tried it again, copying and pasting into a new browser window.

This one really has me feeling strange.  I have no idea how it happened.

I guess I can just decide to let my heart feel warm with thoughts of my darling girl.  Some things in life don't need an explanation.

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