Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17th, 2012 Fathers Day

Today started out with some stress.  I felt like I was having de ja vu.  4 years ago on a Sunday morning I realized that my baby girl was not moving much at all, I had the same fear the day before but was able to comfort myself.  On that Sunday morning I wasn't able to get much movement out of her, so instead of picking my son up from my parents and heading to church I drove to the hospital.  Trever had just left for work that morning, by noon my best friend was calling him to tell him that we were inducing.  Natalie was under lots of stress and we were only 3 days from our due date so the doctor decided it was worth choosing to deliver.  It all turned out great, there was reason for her stress and the moment of her birth was a bit of a panic but she was healthy and strong as soon as she got out.

So this morning I woke up realizing Abby wasn't moving much.  And then I realized she hadn't been keeping me company last night (she is such a wiggly little girl I always feel like I get to spend time enjoying her as I fall asleep).  I had eaten breakfast and had some OJ (I don't usually have much juice), so I knew I had given her enough calories to wake her up.  But I laid on my side for about 35-40 minutes and only felt two slight movements.  I was at my parents house, picking my kids up to go to church when Trever got home from work.  It was a Sunday.  The doctor on call was the same doctor from 4 years ago.  I tried to hide my stress from my parents so I wouldn't give them undo burden.  By the time I called the OB I wasn't hiding my stress very well.

Dr. Sorenson was wonderful (she always is).  She encouraged us to come in to be evaluated since she could tell I was feeling stressed, she mentioned I was setting myself up for a long day otherwise.  When I told her I was going to wait for Trever to get home she suggested I drink some caffeine (another thing I don't usually have in my diet) in hopes that it would give Abby a kick start.  20 minutes later Trever got there, and Abby had just started moving.  What a relief.

We were able to go to church and enjoy Fathers Day.  Although I had thought about the disappointment of spending Fathers Day in the hospital I had not thought about the future impact had we needed/decided to deliver Abby.  Trever talked about how he had prepared himself that every Fathers Day in the future might be a reminder of the day that our baby was born, and most likely died.

I am so thankful that my prayers were answered and Abby became active enough for me to relax a bit.  I'm so thankful that we haven't met her yet.  She is moving more today, still not as much as she was but maybe she has found a natural sleep rhythm, or maybe I'm just moving around a lot more today.

We'll be preparing to meet her in only 5 weeks.  It's just incredible how quickly this is going.  I need to get my act together in case we need to meet her early.

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