Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3rd, 2012

I'm not even sure I'll be able to put adequate words to how I'm feeling today.


It's such a simple word, it's seems so fitting, but not quite big enough.  My little Abby is tiny, but she is big and powerful too... so maybe honored will work.

This morning I met up with 8 wonderful friends (my closest friends from high school and one cherished new friend, who was also our photographer for the day).  We enjoyed some time together at Anthony's.  I'm sure we could have sat and talked for hours longer, luckily someone was aware of the time and got us moving.

We took pictures together, as well as some pregnancy shots down by the water.  (I'll add pictures to this post when I get them).  The love was palpable.  These women have known me for at least 20 years.  They love Abby fiercely.  Two of them flew up from California, something I did not expect.  A gesture that felt so loving, and as much as I didn't expect it, I was also not shocked... because these are wonderful women, cherished friends.  A huge thanks to Jessie's husband who encouraged her to come even though this weekend was their anniversary.

After spending a couple hours together we headed over to Jen's house for Abby's party.  I was overwhelmed by how wonderful it felt to be surrounded by so much love from so many amazing women.  Jen's home filled with the beautiful sounds of conversations.  The kitchen was filled with my friends, until people finally worked their way outside to the most relaxing porch overlooking the water.

Again, I felt so honored.  All of these women took time away from their busy lives to come share in this time together.   Along with my friends who flew up from California, we had a friend who drove over for the weekend from Wenatchee, a dear friend who came from Sequim, a friend whose husband and daughter have birthday's surrounding this weekend and she made the trip, a friend who is in the midst of what must be a huge project of opening a new bakery, and friends who drove from other areas of Washington.  I'm sure there are other stories of plans put on hold.  Almost everyone there has children and families, what weekend isn't busy?  I felt so honored that so many people made it a priority to come celebrate my darling little girl.

Abby is such a lucky little girl, and I am such a blessed Mama.  We weren't there to celebrate my pregnancy, we were there to celebrate Abby.  Had the party been a bit later at night I think there would have been some great dancing happening.  The music of all of those voices and the images of all of those beautiful faces are still swimming in my mind.

Have I said how honored I felt??? I'm so thankful that I was able to bring Abby to this party, I know she could hear the love that was surrounding her.  And I'm hopeful that she will be able to meet many of these wonderful women.

How did I get so blessed to have my life filled with so many strong, compassionate, funny, loving, fierce women?  What a great life this is!!!

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