Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2nd, 2012

Wow, June already???? I'm not really one for drugs... but I'm wondering if there is a pill that helps time slow down a bit?  This pregnancy is going so quickly.  And it's my last, so I want to savor it a bit more. I don't want to rush through her kicks and wiggles.

We went out with friends tonight.  Our good friend coaches a summer baseball team here in Olympia, The Capital City Senators.  I'm not even positive how to put the words to my thoughts about Brian.  It's impressive, amazing, generous, important, and impactful (not a word but I'm going with it).  The kids in our community are so blessed to have him here.  In his early 30's he moved to Olympia because he was in love with my friend, and he started this team 4 years ago.  And I wish you had a chance to see him interact with the boys.  He has super high expectations of them, of their behavior, their effort and their attitudes.  And I'm sure they all strive to meet those expectations because he also has such a kind, fun, supportive attitude towards them.  If you meet him it's easy to assume he's just a fun guy... and although that is true, it's really just a piece of him.

So anyway, we were at the auction last night.  And of course we had a great time.  It's inevitable with we're surrounded by friends.

My friends were heading out to do some dancing afterward.  They were sure that Abigail wanted to go dancing too.  They've seen her in action, they know.  Poor thing, her mom and dad weren't really up for it.  Maybe next time.

The night was so wonderful, I love having those normal nights.

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