Thursday, June 7, 2012

Planning for the quilt

I'm not positive if I've posted about Abby's quilt yet. (And yes, I'm always too lazy to go back and browse to answer my own question.  Maybe I should have used the "labels" option early on.)

We're making her a love quilt (accurately named a signature quilt or friendship quilt but I like my name more).  We invited friends to send in pieces of fabric to be included in the quilt.  I am overwhelmed and filled with love by the response we've gotten.  I know I'm going to cry when it's done, what a wonderful show of affection for our sweet girl.

Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate this much fabric into one quilt.  We had originally planned to put a border on the back with the name of each person/family by the fabric that they gave.  The front would simply be a mix of lovely fabrics.  Now Trever thinks that he might want the names on the front, hugged by the givers fabric.  Yes, I let him make these decisions.  Either way will be wonderful, if I end up really liking one pattern over another then I'll choose.  Otherwise it's just too hard for me to decide.

And I'm SO thankful for a friend who has offered to embroider each name.  She clearly has NO idea what she is getting herself into.  We need to coordinate so I can make this as "easy" as possible for her.  I may need to have two people working on it... I had no idea to anticipate so many people would reach out for this project.

I can't wait to take a picture of Abby curled up on this beautiful blanket.  It'll be out in our home constantly while she is around.  And it will be a beautiful reminder of the love that surrounded her when she is gone.

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