Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm thinking there must be so many prayers coming our way.  I've been anxious lately about waiting too long to induce, what if her strength fails between now and her birth?  Today I laid quietly, not feeling much movement and trying not to feel stressed.  A wave of peace suddenly washed over me.  I realized that if she is born straight to heaven then that is her story.  And it would probably be the most peaceful transition for her.

I'm still hoping to see her beautiful eyes looking up at us.  But I feel calm about facing these next few days of uncertainty.  This is her story and we are just here to love and support her.

For now I will try to hold on to this calm, and cherish her movements.


  1. I saw your husband and sweet kids at church this morning. I have and will continue to pray for all of you. I lost my nephew at 39 weeks, he went straight into the arms of our heavenly father. My sister said prayers are what carried her through and I pray you feel the same.

  2. I'm touched by your blog and have been praying for you since Rhyan announced your story to the church a little while back. My sister talked about my nephew in the previous comment, but I couldn't help but write as well. Reading your story I'm touched by your grace and quiet strength. I pray for you and your children today and in the coming months.