Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10th, 2012

Thinking of my sweet girl today, missing her.

What a precious gift she was.

I'm so thankful there is joy, love and appreciation to accompany my sadness.

Saturday was wonderful, we brought out the guest book and shared stories about Abby with friends.

Talking with Trever we realized that we answer the question "How are you doing" so often.  But that doesn't leave much room to talk about Abby's wonderful life.  It's her life and the time we shared with her (even before she was born) that are so important.

So we're trying to spend time talking about her, about our love for her.  Not just about the ache in our hearts.  The longing to hold her.

She was so darling.  Just a tiny little thing.  And those eyes, we were so thankful for how much time she spent with her eyes open.

The joy of her birth was so intense.  I've loved all of my children, and cherished the moment we met them.  But this was the first birth with such a big unknown.  To have Abby born alive was amazing.

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  1. What a wonderful post. I think that people assume that the choice to continue pregnancy is sad, masochistic and depressing. They don't understand that you really can fit a life time of love into an intense and short time.

    I love that picture too. It really says it all!!