Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3rd, 2012

I'm so touched that Abigail is such a big part of Natalie's life/thoughts still.  Anything that is special to Natalie is getting packed up so she can take it to heaven for Abigail.

Today she sat in one of her swimsuits telling me how she was going to save it for Abigail (I don't think the kids ever call her Abby, only Abigail).  Normally Natalie will ask me what they have in heaven (books, parks, beds, etc.).  Today she just sat and talked about how she would bring two swim suits, one for Abigail and one for herself.  Just in case they have a pool in heaven.

I'm glad that she is able to love her sister through her hope and belief that she will be with her again.  I wonder how long this stage will last.  How long with Abby be at the front of her mind?

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