Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Natalie talked with me about Abby again today.  How she misses her, how she wishes Abby was still with us.

I've been worried.  Do we know how to support Natalie.  Is she thinking about Abby more than I know, and feeling sad about her?

Today I feel calm, reassured that she is fine.  Natalie has an amazing memory, and people are very important to her.

When I ask her what she is thankful for each night it's super common for her to answer "Disneyland".  And she will say "remember the .... ride".  We went there two years ago.

Before we unpacked our Halloween decorations she told me her fears about a skeleton/ghost guy that we have.  We don't have pictures of him and she hadn't seen him since last Halloween.  She described him perfectly and also described her behavior from last year when he scared her.

Natalie has a great memory.

I love that Abby will hold such a special place in her heart even though their time together was so brief.  I wish we had kept the kids at the hospital more, that Natalie had been able to cuddle up with her all day.  Hmm, hindsight.

I always tell Natalie that I agree, I wish Abby was still with us also.  Today I remembered to tell her what a wonderful big sister she was for Abby.  She was, and I hope I remember to tell her that more often.

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