Saturday, October 6, 2012


A few moments after we knew our time with Abby would be so much shorter than we had wished.
It was 25 hours more than we were sure we would have.  The most intense 25 hours I have ever lived.

The first picture of Abby.  Not so cute, but so beautiful at the same time. The only time we monitored Abby she was experiencing a decelerated heart rate during contractions (all of my kids have done that during labor). It left us uncertain of whether or not Abby would be born alive.  This moment, having her placed on my belly alive, was incredible.

 Such sweet and caring siblings.  Nathan is shielding her eyes from the bright light.  Natalie is feeling to make sure Abigail is warm enough. Her quilt went everywhere with her.  Now it goes everywhere with us.

Our last moments together as a family.  So glad the kids were able to come and say goodbye to their little sister.  They were all so sweet to her.  Makes me so proud of them, and so sad I don't get to see them help to take care of a little baby at home.

 Natalie stayed close to Abigail during this whole visit.  She tucked herself right in with whomever was holding her sister.  And she gave Abigail lots of kisses and love.

Taking a moment to show Abby our beautiful world.  I love this picture of Trever looking at her fingers holding his thumb.  He has such an amazing love for each of his children.

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