Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A conversation with Trever and Natalie

I can hear Trever and Natalie talking in the kitchen.

Natalie: "... when Abby is as big as me"
Trever "Well, Abby won't get as big as you"
N: "Why?"
T: "Because she'll go to heaven before she gets as big as you"
N: "Oh, why?"
T: "We don't know how long Abby will be with us but she probably won't get as big as you before she goes to Heaven.  Her heart has a problem."
N: "Will I go to Heaven?"
T: "Not for a long time, because you have a strong heart beat"
N: "Oh.  And we don't know how big she'll be, or what she'll look like." (not a question, but a statement)

The conversation kept going.  I wish I had captured more of it.  So precious and so sad at the same time.  Natalie wants to call her "Blue eyes" if she has blue eyes, or we won't call her blue eyes if she doesn't have blue eyes.

Love that girl.

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