Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19th, 2012

I've just had such a wonderful time with girlfriends.  There are some people who just easily touch my heart.  Even though I don't see this group often I love them dearly.

It was so nice to have each of them meet Abby.  We had lunch, shopped, lots of talking, dinner and more talking.  We took a picture with each of their hands on my growing belly.  (I need to get a copy to post).  I felt "normal pregnant".  Just enjoying time with ladies who were joyful about my baby.

There were a few conversations about Abby (and a long one late at night).  When each friend asked me "how I was really doing?" I gave my most honest answer.  That I'm in a really good place.  That life feels normal again, although I have reminders of how unusual that normal is.  And that is exactly how I was feeling.

I feel her little kicks and a smile crosses my face.  I hold my hand on my belly and feel love and comfort by her presence.  I love being pregnant, I love growing a new life.

I think this is such a beautiful picture (thanks so much Annie!!).  We always get excited when our friends are growing a new life... but there is something special about Abby.  And it's so wonderful to see the tender love that my friends have for her.

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