Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7th, 2012 Doctors Appointment

Once again we had a great visit with the doctor.  We've invited both sets of parents to join us for an ultrasound.  Trever's parents came today and my parents will come next month.  I think it's nice for them to get the bonding time with Abby.

We did the normal ultrasound as well as some 3D shots.  It's amazing to see the 3D shots, but I still cherish the old school shots.  They are so simple.  It's all great.

We also took some video of her heart.  It's amazing to watch it beat, logic (for the lay person) says that it shouldn't be so strong.  But it is.  She is.  Her heart rate is always strong, and the sound is beautiful.  And she's still a little mover in there, always wiggling.

So her heart is still the same (large hole), her cysts are gone (which is common as the baby grows), and her fists are clenched.  Her growth is continuing at a steady pace, still keeping her tiny but we're definitely seeing growth.  We think she should be around 5 pounds at 39 weeks.  I'm so curious to meet her and see how tiny she is.

It would be so easy to get confused and think that her only anatomical "problem" is her heart.  And that would lead to wanting to do a heart surgery.  But the real anatomical "problem" is the extra chromosome.  And that hasn't/won't change.  And I definitely don't want to go through a heart surgery and have her life defined by the time we spend in the hospital.

So I'm excited to see how strong she is, and I'm super excited to meet her and see how much time we get to spend together.  Although I know we have to take this day by day I am SO excited to meet Abby and choosing to believe that we will have time with her.  

Here are pictures from today.  Isn't she darling??

PS. She has fingers, and her head isn't wavy... she's so sweet.

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