Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st, 2012

I've been moody today, and it's been an unwelcome roller coaster.

But it only took a quick moment for me to smack myself upside the head and remember that I have choices (although I can acknowledge I don't always get to control my mood.  Me?  Not be able to control something???? Crazy, but true!).  I popped over to www.Averycan.blogspot.com to see what Avery had done today.

She died yesterday.

So crazy.  Of course I knew that would be the ending of her story, but it's still so sudden.  I'm so glad that the family had embraced the time they had with her, and reminded me to do the same with Abigirl.

I want to remember to bring Abby into our lives and make memories with her instead of stopping our lives and waiting for her life to end.  If you see me forgetting to live this way please invite me to do something fun with Abby.  If she is able to be with us after birth I want memories of her joining our life, not laying around the house.

It's amazing how much a story can impact other lives.  I'm so grateful for Avery and her family, for sharing her story and her triumph.  She didn't let the news of the diagnosis take her life before her body was unable to stop fighting.

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