Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16th, 2012 part 2

Our appointment went well.  Abigail's heart was beating strong, I'm gaining weight (which I could easily guess!).  Hopefully she is taking on some of that weight gain. ;)  And today we're 29 weeks pregnant.  Less than 10 weeks until we meet our sweet little girl.

When we got home this afternoon Natalie gave me a big hug... whoops my mistake, she gave Abby a big hug. (I secretly love those moments when she corrects me, even though I also enjoyed the moment when I hugged her back without knowing I was making a mistake.)  She gave her little sister lots of hugs and kisses.  And I got to stand there, being the lucky Mamma that is carrying the baby sister and witnessing the love of the big sister.

I just watched a video at my favorite blog (  Her two youngest just started ballet, her oldest was there with her in some of the pictures.  I never even hoped for a sister for my daughter.  I didn't have one myself so it didn't occur to me.  I loved that she had brothers.  By the time we found out she would have a sister I already knew their story would be different.  It made me cry to watch the video and realize that we won't have that moment with our girls.  But I can remember to be thankful for the hugs that my oldest gives to her sister (who is still in my belly).  She has a sister, just not one that she'll share clothes or stories with someday.

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