Friday, March 23, 2012

Abigail Ann Kissel

Meet our darling girl, Abigail Ann Kissel.  We're so excited that her identity is growing.  Our son is ready to call her Abigirl, "because she is a girl" (he's 6).  My husband has always loved this name, and he loves that it's a happy name.  I think he's right, it is a happy name.

When I sent out the news of her name I got a wonderful reply:
Hi Friend:

Just wanted to check in and see how you are this morning.  I love the name!  Yay!  What a lucky gal.

Say hello to Abigail this morning.  And tell her about all of the wonderful Abigails that came before her.  An interesting one:


What my friend didn't know is that one of my dearest friends is also named Abby, and Abigail Adams is her distant relative.  It's obviously a very good name.  If she follows in those footsteps she will be a wise, beautiful, confident, and strong woman.  

My little Abigail is bouncing around in my tummy right now, I think she likes her name.  Either that or she just liked the excitement of gambling and listening to Snoop Dog with my friends!  She'll fit in just fine with this group.

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